Sunday, October 05, 2014

October 5th, 1914

- General Maud-huy this morning plans to order the 31st Infantry Division to cover a withdrawal from Arras.  At 930am, however, General Foch arrives at Maud-huy's headquarters at Aubigny, and orders that Arras be held at all cost.  On both flanks French resistance is stiffening.  To the north, heavy French artillery bombardment prevents the Bavarians from exploiting their seizure of Vimy Ridge, while to the south the Prussian Guards are held up short of Arras.  Disappointed, the Kaiser departs Rupprecht's headquarters.

- North of the fighting of Arras General Marwitz issues orders for an offensive by I, II, and IV Cavalry Corps.  They are to sweep through the open space around the northern flank of the French line at Arras-Lens, forcing their retreat.

- Early this morning two German battalions secure a crossing of the Nethe River a mile southwest of the village of Lierre.  They are supported by heavy artillery fire, and are reinforced by two further battalions by nightfall.  German forces also occupy Lierre itself up to the river line and begin the bombardment of Fort Broechem, but elsewhere the Belgian defensive line remains intact.  Meanwhile, the two British Naval Brigades land at Dunkirk during the night, and entrain for the journey to Antwerp.

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