Friday, June 19, 2015

June 19th, 1915

- After a heavy two-hour artillery bombardment, at 7am this morning the German 11th Army launches its attack on the Russian defence line running south from Rawa Ruska.  The most important fighting is in the centre, where the Guard Corps seizes the high ground at the village of Horodysko and forces the Russian XVIII Corps to retreat, the latter leaving behind 2500 prisoners.  The Guard divisions exploit the breakthrough and advance to seize Dobrosin on the road between Lemberg and Rawa Ruska.  To the north, XXII Reserve Corps reaches Lipnik, just south of Rawa Ruska, while to the south XLI Reserve Corps is held up by stiff Russian resistance near Majdan.  The 2nd Austro-Hungarian Army also has a difficult day of fighting, though XVIII Corps is able to complete the capture of Grodek and 14th Division is able to cross the Weresyca River where it enters the Dniester.

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