Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 27th, 1915

- Though for Conrad's offensive on the southern stretch of the Eastern Front the primary advance is to be undertaken by 1st Army from the north, the massive envelopment the Austro-Hungarian chief of staff desires can only be achieved if the armies to the south - 2nd, Süd, and 7th - also push forward south of the confluence of the Bug and Zlota Lipa Rivers.  Launching their assaults this morning, elements from all three armies are able to secure bridgeheads over the Zlota Ripa by this evening.

Given that Southwest Front is now confronting threats to both of its flanks, General Ivanov orders his forces in the centre - 8th and 11th Armies, along with the northern wing of 9th Army - to fall back to a line between the Bug and Styr Rivers (for the former) and along the Strypa (for the latter two).

The Austro-Hungarian offensive in Galicia and Volhynia, Aug. 27th to Sept. 2nd, 1915.

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