Friday, November 13, 2015

November 13th, 1915

- Lead elements of the German X Reserve Corps, pursuing retreating Serbian forces, seizes the passes located 5200 feet above sea level at Jastrebac Mountain.  To the west, however, XXII Reserve Corps and the Alpine Corps are able to make only slow progress down the Ibar River valley - owing to its narrowness, only one regiment of 44th Reserve Division can be sent forward at a time, while the Alpine Corps has its first fight of the campaign, defeating a rearguard of the Drina 2nd Division.  Such engagements, though hopeless for the Serbs, serve to slow the German pursuit.

- West of Görz, three days of intensive fighting has largely exhausted the Italian infantry, and the pace of their assaults noticeably declines today.  The Austro-Hungarians, however, assault the position lost yesterday near the church as Oslavija, and in a short, sharp fight retake the lost ground and capture five hundred prisoners.  To the south, the Italian 3rd Army repeats the efforts of yesterday to capture Mt. San Michele; after a three-hour preliminary bombardment large attacks from the northwest and southwest of the mountain.  On the northern slope, Italian infantry occupy a six hundred yard stretch of the enemy trench line, but an Austro-Hungarian counterattack after dark regains the lost ground.

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