Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 10th, 1914

- The Russians southeast of Krakow go on the counteroffensive today.  With reinforcements from X and XXI Corps, the Russian 3rd Army assaults the centre of the Austro-Hungarian 4th Army, and succeeds in pushing the enemy lines back several milometres.  However, efforts by the Russian VIII Corps to drive from Neusandez to Limanowa are unsuccessful, and with further reinforcements are reaching the line for his group General Roth believes that his force may yet be able to outflank the Russian 3rd Army.  Meanwhile the advance of General Szurmay's force towards Neusandez is led by 38th Honvéd Division, consisting of only eight understrength battalions.  They are halted seven kilometres short of Neusandez by elements of two Russian divisions and a brigade.

- Since the annihilation of the German East Asiatic Squadron two days ago the squadron commanded by Admiral Sturdee has been searching for Dresden, the lone surviving German warship.  This morning, however, as the squadron sails fifty miles east of Tierra del Fuego, thick fog makes the search impossible, and with his squadron's coal bunkers almost empty, Sturdee orders the search abandoned and the British set course to return to the Falklands Island.  Their quarry, meanwhile, has already rounded Cape Horn and entered the Pacific.

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