Monday, December 01, 2014

December 1st, 1914

- Albert Ballin, a prominent German shipowner, and Hans-Nils Anderson, a Danish industrialist, begin negotiations to draw up a proposal designed to convert Russian conservatives to the cause of a separate peace.

- Yesterday the southern wing of the German 9th Army, comprised mainly of units recently arrived from the Western Front, began an attack to the south of Lodz, and today are joined by the northern wing of the Austro-Hungarian 2nd Army.  The objective is to break through the Russian 5th and 4th Armies and outflank the Russian position at Lodz.

The Eastern Front, December 1st, 1914.

- The Battle of Limanowa-Lapanow opens today south of Krakow.  The Austro-Hungarian XIV Corps, southern-most of 4th Army's corps and on the outside of the advance and turn into the Russian 3rd Army's flank, is still assembling its units, so the formations already present launch attacks today to keep the enemy away from its deployment zone.

- In the Carpathians elements of the Russian 8th Army seize the town of Bartfeld.  After weeks of desperate fighting, the commander of the Austro-Hungarian 3rd Army holding the Carpathians informs Conrad today that his units will need a period of sustained rest before being capable of further operations, and will be unable to hold its present positions if the Russians continue to apply pressure.  As such, 3rd Army commander considers whether preparations ought to begin for a retreat as far south as Budapest.

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