Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13th, 1915

- In British military circles a number of voices are being raised questioning whether the Dardanelles operation can be accomplished without the use of ground forces.  Admiral Henry Jackson, former Chief of the Admiralty War Staff and currently head of the Overseas Attack Committee guiding naval operations against German colonies, submits a memorandum today outlining his concerns.  He argues that a strong military force will be required both to complete the destruction of Ottoman forces and to occupy the Gallipoli Peninsula to secure Entente communications through the Dardanelles once the fleet moves onwards to the Sea of Marama, lest Ottoman forces reoccupy and rearm the destroyed forts.  Colonel Hankey, Secretary of the War Council, also wonders, in conversation with the Prime Minister today, if land units will be needed at the Dardanelles.

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