Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28th, 1915

- In the eastern Carpathians General Brusilov of the Russian 8th Army has marshalled reinforcements to counterattack the Austro-Hungarian forces under General Pflanzer-Baltin.  Attacking today, a Russian column breaks the enemy line northwest of Stanislau and advances.

Meanwhile, along the main axis of advance of the latest Austro-Hungarian offensive in the Carpathians, 27th and 32nd Divisions, plus elements of 43rd Landwehr Division, grouped together under the command of General Albert Schmidt von Georgenegg, launch an attack northwards on either side of the road to Baligrod.  However, similar to the plight of XIX Corps on its left, its advance stalls due to bad weather and stiff Russian resistance.  On the other flank of XIX Corps, X Corps of 3rd Army also attacks today, engaging in prolonged and bloody fighting.

- Grand Duke Nicholas, whose note of December 30th has led to the Dardanelles campaign, informs the British and French today that the Black Sea Fleet will attack Constantinople and an army of 47 000 will be deployed.  However, the Russians will only move once the British and French fleets have passed through the Dardanelles and crossed the Sea of Marmara.  In other words, the Russians will only contribute to the Dardanelles campaign once the difficult work has been done.

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