Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26th, 1915

- In Artois the French IX and XXI Corps have repeatedly assaulted German positions on and north of the Lorette Spur.  Though small sections of the German trenches have been captured, a counterattack by elements of 85th Reserve Brigade, as well as 28th and 117th Divisions, regains the lost ground today.

- In Courland Army Group Lauenstein, which had been formed in April for the German offensive in the region, is replaced by the Army of the Niemen, more suited to commanding the size and scope of the German commitment here.  It is not, however, an independent command, as its commanding officer, General Otto von Below, is also head of 8th Army to the south.

- In Galicia the offensive of German 11th Army continues to gain ground.  On the southern flank, XXXXI Reserve Corps begins to shift its direction of advance from eastward to southeastward, attempting to move against the Russian lines of communication to Przemysl.  In the centre, the furthest advance is accomplished by VI Corps, a brigade of which seizes the heights at Horodysko.

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