Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28th, 1915

- In Artois the French seizure of the cemetary at Ablain has imperilled the German hold on the village, and today the commander of the German XIV Corps orders its abandoned, the defenders falling back on a prepared defensive line on either side of the sugar factory just west of Souchez.

- In Galicia the noose continues to close on the Russian forces at and around Przemysl.  On the right wing of the German 11th Army, 11th Bavarian Division captures the heights south of Batycze, closing up to the northern defences of the fortress itself, while further east, 81st Reserve Division reaches Nakto.  Though a Russian counterattack by V Caucasian Corps near Natko is defeated today, Mackensen decides to call a halt to the German advance, lest the northern flank of 11th Army be left too exposed, and evidence is accumulating that Russian reinforcements are detraining to the east for a possible counteroffensive.  Moreover, the Germans are now close enough to the main road leading east from Przemysl to bombard it with heavy artillery, making daylight travel along its length hazardous.

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