Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11th, 1915

- Having arrived at Warsaw after a two-week march from Brest-Litovsk, elements of the German Guard Corps begin entraining for the journey to Belgium.

- North of Vilna German cavalry, pushing into the gap between the Russian 10th and 5th Armies, approaches the town of Sventsiany today.

- While V and XIX Corps of the Austro-Hungarian 2nd Army have spent several days in fruitless and costly assaults on Russian positions west of Zbaraz, to the south the Russians continue to expand their breakthrough at Trembowla, this morning driving through Dolzanka and forcing the Austro-Hungarian 19th Division to fall back in disorder.  The latter drive threatens to turn the southern flank of 2nd Army, and its commander orders V and XIX Corps to go over to the defensive to give time for the exhausted infantry to recover and to allow for the redeployment of forces southward to stem the tide of the Russian advance.

- Having concentrated his forces at Ali-al-Gharbi on the Tigris river, General Townshend orders a further advance to Sannaiyat, downriver from Kut-al-Amara.

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