Monday, September 07, 2015

September 7th, 1915

- Overnight the Russians build on their successful counterattack west of Trembowla, as parts of the Russian XXII Corps, passing through the lines seized yesterday from the Austro-Hungarian 55th Division to fall on the flank of a brigade commanded by Colonel Edler von Bolzano at dawn.  Caught preparing to attack, the Austro-Hungarian 81st and 88th Regiments are routed and flee through Nastasow, leaving numerous prisoners in the hands of the Russians.  Both 55th Division and 131st Brigade on its right flank are forced back almost to the Strypa River.  The Russian XI Corps further expands the breakthrough this evening by forcing back the Austro-Hungarian 36th Division on the southern shoulder of the advance.

- With the signing yesterday of the convention between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria regarding the invasion of Serbia, orders begin to go out for the deployment of the forces that will participate in the operation.  On the German side, besides 101st Division which is already in the Balkans, 11th Bavarian and 105th Division, as well as X Corps are to come from the Eastern Front.  As for the Austro-Hungarians, two corps - VI and XVII - are to come from the Eastern Front while two divisions - 57th and 59th - are to be redeployed from the Italian Front.

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