Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 26th, 1915

- The Landships Committee has reported to Churchill the preliminary results of its investigations of possible vehicles that could be adapted to combat use, and has focussed on two potential designs: a six-wheeled vehicle and a tracked vehicle using Pedrails.  Today, Churchill authorizes the construction of prototypes of each for testing.

- Due to a lack of resources, Joffre cancels an attack planned in the Vosges, originally intended as a preliminary diversionary operation prior to the main offensive against the St.-Mihiel salient.

- Today the French 152nd Infantry Regiment, alongside 1st Chasseur Brigade, succeed in wresting control of the summit of Hartmannswillerkopf from the Germans.

- Admiral Robeck sends a further telegram to the Admiralty today, providing a more detailed justification of his decision to abandon the naval assault on the Dardanelles:
I do not hold the check on the 18th to be decisive, but having met General Hamilton . . . I consider a combined operation essential to obtain great results and object of campaign . . . To attack the Narrows now with fleet would be a mistake, as it would jeopardize the execution of a better and bigger scheme.

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