Friday, March 27, 2015

March 27th, 1915

- The continuing deterioration of the Austro-Hungarian position in the Carpathians in the face of the Russian offensive prompts an agreement between the Austro-Hungarians and Germans to form a new German corps for insertion into the line.  Beskid Corps, as it is to be named, is to consist of 35th Reserve Division from central Poland, 4th Division from Südarmee, and 25th Reserve Division from 9th Army, and the latter, entraining today, is the first to begin its transfer to the Carpathians.

- General Sanders has begun work on reorganizing the defence of Gallipoli, pulling two Ottoman divisions away from the beaches to form a reserve which can respond to enemy landings at various points.  He also orders the construction of roads to facilitate the movement of his reserves and the improvement of defensive positions along the beaches, including trenches and barbed wire.  Sanders, however, is painfully aware that this work will take time, and fears an Entente attack before his force is ready; as he writes today, 'If the English will only leave me alone for eight days.'  He has no idea just how obliging the British intend to be.

- This morning the landing party of the German light cruiser Emden suffers its first casualty since it began its journey in November.  Seaman Keil had contracted a severe case of typhus at Hodeida, and his condition deteriorated after the sinking of one of the zambuks and the loss of the party's medical supplies.  He dies at 3am in Leet, and is given a burial at sea with full naval honours.

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