Friday, March 06, 2015

March 6th, 1915

- In the central Carpathians, Conrad has thrown two addition divisions into the fighting near Baligrod, but the Austro-Hungarian forces have been unable to make any progress.  Further, a break in the weather causes additional complications - though the skies are clear today, the midday sun melts snow on the slopes, which then freezes into ice after dusk, as the temperature plunges to -20.  The resulting sheets of ice do nothing to improve the mobility of the Austro-Hungarian infantry.  Despite this, Conrad remains determined to continue the offensive, this evening ordering 3rd Army to continue to attack, despite its shattering defeat yesterday.

- Queen Elizabeth returns to the coast of Gallipoli today to resume its bombardment of the Ottoman forts inside the straits.  This time, however, the Ottomans are prepared, and have deployed a mobile 6-inch howitzer to fire on the dreadnought.  The hull of Queen Elizabeth is struck three times, and though the shells do not penetrate its armour, the hits reinforce concerns over the effectiveness of these mobile batteries.  On the other hand, the dreadnought again fails to hit anything of significance resulting from the inability to spot the fall of shot, and it becomes clear that it will have to enter the straits to be effective.

- In Greece there has been an ongoing political struggle between King Constantine I and Prime Minister Eleutherios Venizelos.  The former's sympathies lay with Germany, given that the Kaiser is his brother-in-law, and very much opposes the pro-Entente policy of Venizelos.  The recent offer of Greek troops to support the Dardanelles operation brings the struggle to a crisis, and today Constantine forces the resignation of Venizelos.

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