Monday, April 06, 2015

April 6th, 1915

- French attacks against the western face of the St.-Mihiel salient continue today, but gains have been limited to five hundred metres of enemy trenches.

- In replying to Conrad's message of yesterday, Falkenhayn states that he does not believe the time has yet come for divisions to be redeployed to face Italy, and denies the request for additional reinforcements for the Carpathians.  As we have seen, Falkenhayn is already considering sending additional German forces to the east; he simply does not want any interference from Conrad.

Today the German chief of staff receives a report from General Cramon at Austro-Hungarian army headquarters.  The military attache emphasizes the weakness of the Austro-Hungarian army, arguing that they can only hold a determined Russian attack if under German command or supported by German infantry.  Conversely, he informs Falkenhayn that the transportation system in the Gorlice-Tarnow region would permit the deployment of four corps with attached heavy artillery, which could be in position for a major offensive by late-April.  In light of this information, Falkenhayn orders Colonel Seeckt, chief of staff of 11th Army, to study the military situation on the Eastern Front, in case 11th Army and the new divisions it is comprised of are sent eastwards.

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