Wednesday, April 08, 2015

April 8th, 1915

- In Britain Prime Minister Asquith announces the formation of yet another committee: the Treasury Munitions of War Committee.  This new body is chaired by the Chancellor of the Exchequer David Lloyd George, who sees the committee's work as being an extension of his own and the means by which to wrestle control over the financing of munitions production from Lord Kitchener and the War Office.  The ongoing internecine battle between the two, combined with Asquith's penchant to delay decisions through endless debate, can hardly be expected to increase munitions output.

- With the attacks against the St.-Mihiel salient going nowhere, Joffre orders a shift in tactics today, ordering General Dubail of the Provisional Group of the East to shift to methodical attacks designed to overwhelm the enemy.  Dubail halts the broad-front attacks currently underway and prepares to concentrate his forces for a small number of hopefully-irresistible assaults.

- Emden's landing party successfully reached the town of Djidda several days ago without further incident, where the injured are treated in hospital and supplies restocked.  Given the recent Arab attack, First Officer Mücke has decided to continue the journey northwards by sea, chartering a large zambuk.  In light of the British blockade offshore, Mücke also spread the rumour that his expedition intended to continue by land.  Remarkably, once again the British fall for disinformation from the German officer, and when the zambuk departs Djidda this evening there are no British warships in sight.

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