Thursday, April 09, 2015

April 9th, 1915

- A minor success is achieved by the French today when 12th Division captures Les Éparges on the western face of the St.-Mihiel salient.  However, the achievement has no significant impact to the ongoing Battle of the Woëvre.

- Writing in response to the latest plea from Conrad, Falkenhayn once again refuses to send further direct aid to the Austro-Hungarians in the Carpathians.  He does, however, suggests a willingness 'to take advantage of any favourable opportunity that would appear in the East', which indirectly hints at his consideration of a German operation in the Gorlice-Tarnow area.

- General Nixon, the newly-appointed commander of the Indian army corps in lower Mesopotamia, arrives at Basra today to take up his new command.

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