Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14th, 1915

- As German forces under General Gallwitz grind forward towards the Narew River, they seize the town of Przasnysz today.

- In southern Poland the German Army of the Bug, consisting of the Beskid Corps, XXIV Reserve Corps, and 1st Division, has completed its deployment on the eastern flank of the German 11th Army.  Because its position in the line is slightly to the south of its western neighbour, the Army of the Bug will start its attack tomorrow so that it will be level with 11th Army when the latter opens Mackensen's main offensive in southern Poland on the 16th.

- The main Ottoman defensive position east of Nasiriyeh lies on a bend in the Euphrates River the British have christened 'Thornycroft Point,' and with its flanks covered by creeks on either side and fronted by mud and swamps, it is a formidable obstacle to the British advance.  Today 12th Indian Division launches its first attack on Thornycroft Point, spearheaded by the 24th Punjabis advancing in the centre.  Reaching within two hundred yards of the Ottoman line, the Punjabis then come under heavy and accurate rifle fire, and repeated charges are repulsed.

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