Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 30th, 1915

- In southern Poland the Russian XVI Corps, now reinforced by the Grenadier Corps, continues to confine the German Landwehr Corps to the narrow bridgehead it secured over the Vistula River yesterday.  General Woyrsch had anticipated sending the German 4th Landwehr and the Austro-Hungarian 1st Cavalry Brigades across the Vistula to reach and break the Warsaw-Ivangorod railway, but due to the confined space in the bridgehead he is forced to cancel the operation.

East of Ivangorod, in the face of the successful attack of the German 11th Army yesterday, and the cutting of the Lublin-Cholm railway, the Russian armies between the Vistula and the Bug Rivers are ordered to fall back to a new defensive position north of the two cities.  Mackensen's army group quickly takes up the pursuit, with cavalry from the Austro-Hungarian IX and XVII Corps occupying Lublin at noon, and by evening are approaching the new Russian line.

- The chief of the Italian naval staff issues a circular today to naval commanders which notes that frequent use of light craft such as torpedo boats and submarines can rapidly wear them out, and given that the war is likely to continue for many months to come, it is important to conserve Italian naval strength so that in the even of a decisive naval battle their full strength can be brought to bear.  In some respects this is a reasonable view, the caution this reflects among Italian naval officers does not exactly endear them to their British and French colleagues.

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