Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 15th, 1915

- The last component of Mackensen's offensive in southern Poland has been the redeployment of the Austro-Hungarian 1st Army from west of the Vistula River to the right of the Army of the Bug, straddling the pre-war frontier between Austria-Hungary and Russia.  Tasked with covering the eastern flank of the German advance northward, most of 1st Army's formations have reached the front along the Bug River, though several divisions are still in transit.  The delays are symptomatic of the inferior quality of Austro-Hungarian logistics in comparison with their German allies, and the German offensive cannot wait for the last stragglers to arrive - the Army of the Bug, accompanied by the German 81st Reserve Division of 1st Army, launch their preliminary attacks today, seizing ground near the villages of Werbkowice and Zaborce.

- Though the first offensive against the Austro-Hungarian positions along the Isonzo River was suspended barely a week ago, Cadorna issues orders today for a second major operation, scheduled to begin on the 18th.  The primary effort will be undertaken by the Italian 3rd Army, whose first attacks will be launched against Mounts S. Michelle (by XI Corps) and dei sei Busi (by VII Corps), the capture of which would then allow for the seizure of the Görz bridgehead on the west bank of the Isonzo.  Further north, 2nd Army is to launch diversionary assaults on the enemy lines, to prevent reinforcements, and in particular artillery, from being transferred south to oppose 3rd Army.

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