Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16th, 1914

- Along the Aisne River the day dawns with heavy rain and mist, and desultory attacks by the Germans and French around Craonne amount to nothing.  Instead, the bulk of the day is spent throwing artillery shells at each other.

- Falkenhayn, in conference with Bülow, agrees to the latter's proposals along the Aisne front between Soissons and Rheims.

- As the retreating Austro-Hungarian armies cross the San River, they pass the massive fortifications at Przemysl, one of the most important fortified positions on the Eastern Front.  As 3rd Army, most shattered of the Austro-Hungarian armies, passes the city its new commander is forced to warn his neighbouring armies of the breakdown of discipline among his soldiers: 'Whole regiments are streaming into Przemysl; they are famished; they are looting shops and committing excesses.'

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