Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25th, 1914

- Near Roye the timely arrival of the 3rd Cavalry Division to support IV corps stabilizes the line, and the German 6th Army is blocked from isolating the French 2nd Army from Paris. However, Castlenau informs Joffre this evening that while his line extends north to the Somme River near Bray-sur-Somme, he has no further reserves.

Joffre meanwhile continues to shift forces to the north - XI Corps is today redeployed from 9th Army on the Aisne River to Amiens.

- Just south of St.-Mihiel sits the fort of Camp des Romains, and today it comes under attack by German forces.  After an overwhelming bombardment German infantry storm and capture the fort.  The fall of Camp des Romains solidifies the German hold on the St.-Mihiel salient, though French reinforcements prevent further gains.  Army Detachment Strantz has carved out a large salient, piercing the fort line between Verdun and Toul and, thanks to its bridgehead over the Meuse at Chauvoncourt, severing one of the two remaining rail lines connecting Verdun to the rest of France.

The German attack on the fort at Camp des Romains,
September 25th, 1914.

A portion of the ruined fort at Camp des Romains after its capture by the Germans.

- The force of Montenegrins and Serbs that crossed into Bosnia two days ago returns to Serbia today, after General Potiorek utilized fortress troops and units of the Austro-Hungarian 6th Army to threaten their flank.  In halting this move, however, the use of part of 6th Army has meant that the push into Serbia has come to a halt.

- A small British naval force centred on the cruiser Cumberland sits today off of Duala, the most important port on the coast of German Kamerun, having spent the past several weeks clearing German obstructions from the shipping channels.  Its commander issues an ultimatum demanding the surrender of Duala, the capture of which is central to British strategy, especially in light of the defeat over the past month of efforts to advance into the colony overland from Nigeria - the denial of ports by which German commerce raiders can be resupplied.

German Kamerun, 1914.

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