Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23rd, 1914

- The advance of the French 2nd Army is halted this afternoon by the timely arrival of the German XVIII Corps, which had marched fifty miles in two days since departing Rheims on the 21st.  Further, by this evening reconnaissance has made it clear to General Castlenau that additional German forces are approaching the front lines.  These are XXI and I Bavarian corps of the German 6th Army - both had entrained in Lorraine on September 15th, and have marched to the front from the railheads at Cambrai and Namur respectively.  General Rupprecht had hoped to use these two corps to sweep around the French and move on Amiens, but finds that the French 2nd Army bars the way.

- In the Balkans, a force of Montenegrins and Serbians cross the upper Drina River south of the Austro-Hungarian 6th Army and move into Bosnia.  Their aim is both to inspire rebellion among the Slavic population of the region and relieve the pressure of the ongoing Austro-Hungarian invasion of Serbia.

- In Constantinople Admiral Wilhelm Souchon is today appointed Commander-in-Chief of the navy by the Ottoman government.  Since the best warships of the navy are the two 'bought' from Germany, the appointment makes practical sense.  It also reflects the continuing drift of the Ottomans into the German camp.  Nevertheless, the Ottoman government clings to neutrality - some ministers hope to gain the advantages of German friendship without the risks of war with the Entente.

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