Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24th, 1914

- Finding the planned advance on Amiens blocked, General Rupprecht decides to attack on his left in an effort to isolate the French 2nd Army from Paris.  XVIII Corps, joined in the line today by XXI Corps, launch a major offensive at Roye, and the French IV Corps is forced back over five miles.  The ferociousness of the German attack forces the French 2nd Army onto the defensive.  To the north of the German XXI Corps, I Bavarian Corps also comes into the line this evening, pushing the French out of Péronne.

- General Henry Wilson, Deputy Chief of Staff of the British Expeditionary Force, suggests today that the BEF should be redeployed north to Flanders and Belgium, as by taking its place once again on the left flank of the Entente line it will be closer to the Channel ports from which its reinforcements and supplies are derived.  Sir John French, however, is concerned that such a movement might leave the BEF exposed - at present such a move would leave it isolated, as the French front line stretches only to Picardy as of this date.

- South of Verdun Army Detachment Strantz occupy the town of St.-Mihiel and cross the Meuse River to capture Chauvoncourt.

- The Russian 4th, 5th, and 9th armies begin to withdrawn from the front lines in Galicia for their redeployment to Ivangorod and Warsaw as part of the planned Russian offensive into Germany.  Due to the length of time it will take the armies to move up the east bank of the Vistula through the fall mud, Ivanov does not anticipate being in position to launch his attack until October 10th.  However, the circuitous line of march of the Russian armies masks their redeployment from German and Austro-Hungarian reconnaissance.

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