Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26th, 1915

- At midnight the crippled battlecruiser Lion, towed by Indomitable, arrives at the mouth of the Firth of Forth off Edinburgh on the Scottish coast.  The tow is transferred to tugboats as several hours of pumping is required to remove enough water from Lion to allow it to reach the naval base at Rosyth.  Through a thick fog, and with Beatty on the bridge, Lion passes under the Firth of Forth Bridge in the morning, and are greeted by cheering crowds lining the span.  Lion will ultimately be sent to Armstrong's shipyard at Newcastle upon Tyne, and will spent several months replacing armour plates.

- Similar to his German counterpart yesterday, Joffre circulates instructions today emphasizing the importance of a second line of defences in case the enemy breaks through the first trench line.

- The Austro-Hungarian offensive in the Carpathians has failed to make satisfactory progress.  Despite limited progress, General Szurmay's group has not reached its objectives, which holds back V Corps on its left, while X Corps remains incapable of resuming the offensive.  Further, Südarmee has made less progress than what had been hoped for.  Meanwhile, on the other side General Ivanov of South-West Front concludes that the time is right for a counterattack, and Russian forces attack the Austro-Hungarian VIII and III Corps.  Ivanov is also able to convince Grand Duke Nicholas to transfer XXII Finnish Corps from 10th Army opposite East Prussia to South-West Front.

The position of Südarmee on January 26th, 1915.

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