Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30th, 1915

- Though the war has now passed the six-month mark, there are still some within financial circles who feel that hostilities will have to shortly cease as the combatants run out of the financial ability to pay for the war.  In France today the influential journal L'Économiste Français declares that the war will be over in seven months.

- As the centre of his army buckles under Russian pressure, the commander of the Austro-Hungarian 3rd Army is forced to send the last of his reserves - 29th Division - into the line to prevent a Russian breakthrough.  With no further reserves at his disposal should the Russians continue to push forward, an urgent message goes out to the commander of the neighbouring 4th Army, requesting the immediate transfer of a division.

- With the defeat of Maritz's attack on Upington on the 24th, and concluding that the Boer Rebellion has failed, the rebel commando led by General Kemp surrenders to government forces in South Africa today, leaving the small commando under Martiz as the only rebel unit still in the field.

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