Tuesday, January 06, 2015

January 6th, 1915

- Falkenhayn writes to Conrad today regarding grand strategy on the Eastern Front and in the Balkans.  The German Chief of Staff favours an offensive against Serbia that will knock the country out of the war, secure Bulgaria's entry into the war, and open a vital land connection with the Ottoman Empire.  Such a victory, Falkenhayn contends, will have a decisive impact on the attitude of Romania.  He also advises that the only way to maintain Italian neutrality is to cede to it the territory demanded by the Italian government.  Conversely, a decisive victory in Galicia over Russia, even if possible, would do little to impact Italian opinion.

- Churchill sends another message to Admiral Carden in the eastern Mediterranean today, stating that he agrees with his assessment of an operation against the Dardanelles, and requests Carden to provide a detailed analysis of what such an operation would entail and the force required to execute it.

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